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Nink 講師

レッスン満足度 94.95%
SKYPE品質満足度 93.01%
タイ語レッスンでカメラを使用可能     英語レッスンにも対応可能
自己紹介(音声)   English
日本語レベル 全く話せない / 日本語能力検定 -
英語レベル 上手
出身大学・学科 Srinakharinwirot University 社会学部
自己紹介 My name is Nink. I am a student at Srinakharinwirot University. I study in Faculty of social science and my major is international business. I am a musician at church. I can play a guitar, keyboard and I can sing so in my free time I usually play musical instrument. Moreover I like to cook whether food or drinks. I can cook Thai food such as Pad Krapow and Thai papaya salad (Som Tam) and I also cook Italian food like spaghetti. I am a talkative person and have passion to learn new thing. I love working and communicating with people so I’m always searching for participating in any kind of activities whether volunteer activities, training course or being a goodwill ambassador for exchange students. From my previous activity, I used to welcome the Meiji University exchange student program 2017 and not only some Japanese friends that I got but also knowledge of Japanese culture that I’ve learned. I am so proud of being a good representative of Thai people to represent Thai culture and introduce Thailand to everyone.


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